Children can bring you great pleasure, but also great expense.

In this section you can find information on how to manage the cost of having children as well as details on the financial benefits you may be eligible for.

Planning ahead

A new baby changes everything, including your income and spending. You might be surprised how someone so small can affect your money so much!

We know it may not be the first thing on your mind, but planning ahead is key to staying on top of your finances.

If you are a pregnant, single Servicewoman you can apply for Service Family Accommodation (SFA) from five months before the expected date of birth of your baby.  You can move in from three months before the expected due date.


Don't fret alone if money worries are keeping you awake. Your Welfare Office or Service charities can help.  Watch Andy and Mel's video to see how they managed when their twins arrived.

Know your budget

So now is a good time to work out how you’ll manage. If you have a partner, fix a time when you can get together to talk about the best way to work out your budget - see Budgeting.

Find out what financial help is available in State benefits and allowances and what you'll get while on Maternity, paternity or adoption leave

Baby costs

If this is your first baby you’ll need to budget for things like nappies, milk, bottles, sterilising equipment, a buggy, car seat, cot, clothes, bedding and toys. See Cost of having a baby for more information.  And don't forget to claim for Child Benefit and tax credits to help you stay MoneyFit.

When they're older

As they grow, the forces can help you with

Last reviewed: 24/10/2017