Divorce and separation

Divorce or separation is not an easy time for anyone. Although your emotions may take over, try to focus on what you need to do to make sure that you protect yourself, your children and consider the options available to you.


Practical help to get you through it

In this section we will guide you through the divorce process, making decisions with your partner and the possible fees you will incur if you need to go to court.

You can find information on protecting yourself financially whether you’re separating or divorcing and options for housing. You may find that there are things you had not thought of that need to be organised or settled. If you can’t come to agreements between yourselves, then there’s also advice on seeking professional help.

Finally, if you have children, this is usually the hardest and most emotional part of divorce or separation. Let us do the hard work and tell you who has to pay what and how to arrange child maintenance to help secure their future.

For more information and advice take a look at the Citizen's Advice Bureau website, and choose the region where you live.

Last reviewed: 18/06/2018