Service housing

If you live in Service accommodation, separating or divorcing may effect your entitlement to live in Service Family Accommodation (SFA).

You must contact your unit HR as soon as you or your spouse or civil partner decides to move out of SFA, whether you are heading for divorce or not.


Marital/civil partnership breakdown

Every effort will be made by the Services to reconcile you and you may be allowed a 'cooling off' period (up to a maximum of three months) to help you. In this time, you (the Service person) will move into Single Living Accommodation (SLA) or private accommodation but will continue to pay SFA charges.

After ‘cooling off’ period

After the ‘cooling off’ period or as soon as it becomes apparent that there will not be a reconciliation, you will change PStatCat. The overarching regulatory position is as follows:

  • The local Service Commander will formally notify the housing provider of the change in personal status category.
  • The housing provider will then immediately issue a 93 day notice to vacate to you and/or your estranged family (depending on who is remaining in the SFA).
  • In cases where you are to remain in the SFA (for example, if you will be responsible for the child(ren) following desertion by your spouse/civil partner), the unit is also responsible for notifying the housing provider of any known circumstances which may impact on your availability during the period of notice (such as imminent deployment on operations, training commitments and detachments).
  • If you don’t have permanent custody of children, then you will have to move into Single Living Accommodation, if available.

For more information see JSP 464.

If you own or rent your home with your spouse or civil partner then different arrangements will have to be made. See What to do about the home you rent during separation and What to do about a mortgage during separation for more information.

Last reviewed: 04/10/2016