Death is always hard to cope with, especially when the person who died was in the prime of life.

Military life is different from life in Civvy Street and MoneyForce understands that that those people who have lost a loved one whilst they were serving in the Armed Forces may have particular issues and experiences that can complicate the grieving process.

Practical help to get you through it

In this section we take you through the practical and financial details that you need to deal with when someone dies, whether in Service or not.

In the Death of Service person section you'll find information on pension and benefit entitlements for spouses, widows or widowers compensation, and what charitable help is available.

In Death of non-serving spouse we set out what you'll need to do and information on planning the funeral.

And for either situation sorting out someone's money can be quite stressful, so see the Sorting out someone's estate section for information to make it easier for you.

We know that in some instances it may be the first time that you or they have to take the lead in making money decisions and we have some tips in Dealing with finances and insurance after your partner dies.

We look at the what bereavement and other benefits are available and also point you towards those who can help if the going gets tough.

For information about pension entitlements see War pensions and compensation.

Last reviewed: 04/06/2018