Medical discharge

If your illness or injury results in you being medically discharged from the Services you may be eligible for various benefits from the Forces.

This is in addition to any state benefits which you may be entitled to.

What the Forces provide

What you are eligible for will depend on your length of service, the pension scheme that you are in and how serious your injury is.

  • Resettlement entitlements – everyone is entitled to the full resettlement programme on medical discharge but the number of days of Graduated Resettlement Time and the number of travel warrants you receive will depend on your length of service.
  • Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) – provided you are registered on the ELC scheme you will be entitled to ELC at the higher or lower rate dependingt on your length of service - see Learning credits.
  • Pension entitlements – your pension entitlements will depend on which Armed Forces Pension scheme you are in, the degree of injury and whether the illness or injury is attributable to service. If you have served less than two years and your illness or injury is not attributable to service, you will not be entitled to any pension benefits.
  • Other compensation – you may also be entitled to payments under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme, the War Pension Scheme and the Armed Forces Attributable scheme.

For more detailed information on your entitlements see the Medical discharge page in the Leaving service section.

Other things to consider

Depending on your circumstances, there are other issues you might want to think about:

  • If you feel that the MOD has failed in its duty of care to you and as a result you received your injury or illness, you might consider a civil negligence claim.
  • If you receive a large lump sum in compensation for your illness or injury you should consider setting up a compensation trust.

State benefits and other help

Find out what other financial help you may be able to get in Disability grants and benefits, or if you need to adapt your home, see Adapting a home.

And if your spouse or partner needs to care for you there is information and help at hand in Becoming a carer.

For advice or information on any of your entitlements or general money advice contact The Royal British Legion's Benefits and Money Advice Service.

Other Service charities such as Veterans UK (formerly SPVA)SSAFA or the White Ensign Association may also be able to help.