Injury post 6 April 2005

The Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS) applies if you are injured, become ill or die as a result of service after April 2005. It provides compensation, without considering fault, across a wide range of circumstances in which illness, injury or death may arise as a result of your service.

Find out what you may be eligible for if something were to happen to you.

What you may receive

An AFCS award to service or ex-service personnel can be made up of two parts:

  • a tax- free lump sum payment from a tariff graduated according to the seriousness of your condition; and
  • for more serious injuries and illnesses, a tax-free Guaranteed Income Payment (GIP), ie monthly payment.

Lump sum payments range from £1,200 for tariff 15 to £570,000 for tariff 1. If your injury or illness is classified as tariff 1 to tariff 11, you may receive a GIP in addition to a lump sum. Your GIP will depend on your age, pensionable pay and tariff. You can find a description of injuries and their associated tariffs in Armed Forces compensation: what you need to know on the website..

If your condition changes

Your award will normally be full and final. Any income is generally paid for life – so even if your health improves, your benefits will not be reduced. The initial award will also take account of any expected deterioration in your condition, so there is no system of review for normal deterioration.

If your condition has unexpected, significant deterioration, it may be possible to review the award in very rare and exceptional circumstances.

Making a claim

In normal circumstances claims must be made by the earliest of:

  • seven years of the date of the event which caused an injury; or
  • where you are suffering from an illness, seven years from when you first sought medical advice for the illness; or
  • seven years after leaving the service

In exceptional circumstances where a claim is made for a late onset illness, the time limit for making a claim is:

  • three years from the date that the late onset illness was first diagnosed, or
  • three years from the date of death from a late onset illness.

If you are not happy with your claim

If you are unhappy with the decision on your claim you can:

The Royal British Legion can help you with this process and will represent you at tribunal.

For more information, see Claim if you were injured while serving in the armed forces on

Last reviewed: 14/03/2017