What you may be entitled to after injury

If you are medically discharged as a result of illness or injury it can be a difficult time as you adjust to life on Civvy Street.

Depending on the length of your service and the cause of your illness or injury you may be entitled to compensation under one of the pension schemes. Find out which one applies to you and what else is available to help you stay MoneyFit.

Armed Forces pension entitlements

Your pension entitlements will depend on which Armed Forces pension scheme you are in, the degree of injury and whether the illness or injury is attributable to service.

If you have served less than two years and your illness or injury is not attributable to service, you will not be entitled to any pension benefits.

Money fitness tip

Stay MoneyFit and claim what you're entitled to, to make your money go further. You can get help to make your claim if you need it.

Go to Medical discharge to find out more about your entitlements under the Armed Forces Pension schemes.

Other compensation

You may be entitled to payments under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme, the War Pension Scheme and the Armed Forces Attributable scheme if your illness or injury is considered attributable to service.

See War pensions and compensation to find out about your entitlements if your injury or illness is considered to be caused by service.

Other financial support

For information about state benefits that you might be able to claim, see our page on Disability, grants and benefits.

Get help

If you need help understanding your options or making a claim contact the The Royal British LegionVeterans UK (formerly SPVA) or the Forces Pensions Society.

Last reviewed: 14/03/2017