Advances of pay

As a member of the Regular and Reserve Service personnel you may be eligible for advances of pay.

Short-term advance of pay

You can apply for an advance of pay if not having one would cause you severe hardship. In these circumstances this will be up to a maximum of seven day’s net pay.

You can also apply for an advance of pay depending on your situation, for example:

  • on commissioning – 7 days' net pay
  • on joining the services during a period of national emergency – 7 days' net pay
  • when appointed to an overseas assignment – one months' net pay
  • when returning to the UK for travel expenses – up to the level of the fare
  • when appointed to, from or between assignments overseas – up to four months' net pay
  • for help in PStat Cats 1 and 2 with the cost of family air travel under the pre-payment flight scheme
  • to pay your financial contribution for a service approved adventurous training expedition – up to 2 months' net pay
  • when it is not possible to pay someone when they next become due for pay
  • for an attendance-based reservist going on annual camp – 7 days' pay
  • to reserves on mobilisation - 7 days' pay

You will have to pay the advance back from your pay. The repayments can vary from between two pay periods to 12 months depending on the advance.

See JSP 754 Part 2 Chapter 2 Section 5.

How to apply

You need to complete the relevant form and get your Commanding Officer to authorise it.

Last reviewed: 08/10/2019