Kit insurance

Your kit is one of the most important things you'll own and it will take some bashing. Depending on the circumstances of the loss or damage, you may be responsible for replacing it.  You should speak to your logistics section if you have any questions. 

If you need to, you can insure it against loss or damage with a number of specialist insurers.


Protect your belongings

Even if you don't have a house full of furniture to worry about, insurance providing world-wide cover 24/7 for your clothes, jewellery, watches, cameras and other personal possessions is important.

When you add to this the military items (such as your uniforms, kit, medals and other equipment on temporary issue) plus cover for any damage you do to your Service accommodation that’s a lot of things to look after.

It's your responsibility to keep your kit safe, whether at home or abroad. This is where kit insurance comes in.

What it covers

Kit insurance sometimes comes combined with home or personal belongings insurance. It covers loss or damage to your belongings while at home or abroad.

As with all insurance there are events which aren’t covered (the exclusions) so make sure you read the policy carefully and understand what these are.

Where to buy it

There are a number of specialist insurers. You can take a look at the Services Insurance and Advisory Panel (SIIAP) directory or just search online. Bear in mind that your regular high-street insurers don't normally offer kit insurance.

Get quotes from at least three and compare prices and what's covered and excluded by the policy before you decide.

The insurer will give you a Key facts policy summary which gives you the main points of the policy, or you can get a copy of the full policy from them. 

Making a claim

If you need to make a claim on your policy, see Making a claim.

Last reviewed: 14/03/2017