Personal accident insurance

As a member of the Armed Forces you will be covered in the event of injury, but this cover rarely meets all circumstances, for instance, when an injury happens off duty. Personal accident insurance is designed to support you if you’re injured in an accident.

What it covers

Personal accident insurance from MOD-facilitated providers (see below) covers you in the event of accidental bodily injury which results in death, permanent disability, specified burns, specified fractures or hospitalisation. Personal accident insurance pays out a lump sum for you to use as you wish.

This is different from critical illness insurance which only pays out if you have a specified illness. 

Where to buy it

There are a number of specialist insurers. You can contact the MOD-facilitated PAX Insurance or take a look at the Services Insurance and Investment Advisory Panel (SIIAP) directory. Bear in mind that your regular high-street insurers don’t normally offer personal accident insurance for your type of work.

Get quotes from at least three companies and compare prices. See what’s covered and excluded by the policy before you decide. See our Buying insurance checklist to help you get the right policy for you.

The insurer will give you a Key facts policy summary which gives you the main points of the policy, or you can get a copy of the full policy from them.

Going on deployment

If your insurer requires you to pay an extra premium for personal accident insurance because you are due to be deployed on the land or in the airspace over Afghanistan, you can claim back this extra premium under the Service Risks Insurance Premium Refunds (SRIPs) scheme. You can find out more about claiming a SRIP refund in JSP 752 chapter 10 section 6

Making a claim

If you need to make a claim on your policy, see Making a claim.

Last reviewed: 02/01/2018