Taking the time out from Service to go on holiday is important for your work-life balance, and a spell away from the stresses of everyday life can be beneficial for your health.

But the costs of a holiday can quickly add up so it’s a good idea to plan ahead, budget and make savings wherever you can.

Set your holiday goal

We all know that unless you have a goal it’s very easy not to do something, even saving. And saving for a holiday is much better than piling it all on your credit card and worrying about it when you get back.

So think about your holiday plans well in advance and name it as one of your goals to save for. That way you’ll have an incentive to save. See Goal setting for tips on how to get started and use our GoalSaver to see how quickly you could reach your goal. 

Plan ahead

Shopping around to find holidays at bargain prices can save you money, so try to find a holiday for less if you can.

There are other things to consider, such as travel insurance, using money abroad, or which cards to take, and whether you’re planning to drive abroad. Many people pay over the odds by not planning ahead and getting the best deals available.

When you know you’re getting a good deal you can relax and enjoy your holiday knowing that you haven’t been ripped off.

Where to go?

One major factor in the cost of your holiday is your choice of destination. Flights will generally be more expensive the further away you travel, but the local cost of living varies wildly around the world.

For example, a beer or a coffee in a bar or café will typically cost twice as much in Sweden as it does in Spain. On average, a meal in a standard restaurant in Dublin costs twice as much as in Atlanta, and four times as much as in Bangkok!

Compare prices across the world using the Cost Of Living Comparison website.

Consider a Poppy Break

The Royal British Legion offers much-needed breaks to serving and ex-Service personnel and their families who might otherwise not be able to take or afford a break.

The Legion provides free family holidays at their Break Centes, along with Parkdean and Haven Holiday Parks, or they can provide Adventure Breaks, where young people of Service families can have a fun and activity-packed week.

For more information see Family Holiday Breaks on the Legion's website.

Last reviewed: 30/05/2018