Savvy spending

We all have regular expenses and bills we have to pay, but there’s no reason to pay more than you need to.

Being MoneyFit means taking the time to get the best deal for you, and we’ll show you how in this section.


Save as you spend

Lighting, heating and water are things we can’t do without, but utility bills take a big chunk out of our income. While it may make sense to turn down the thermostat a bit, it’s not the only way you can save money. See Save money on your energy bills and Save money on your water bills for some useful tips.

did you know?

That receiving paper bills can cost you £12 a year more than by paying by Direct Debit. And not paying by the cheapest billing method can set you back £33 a year. 

Source The Poverty Premium: University of Bristol Personal Finance Research Centre - 2016.

Do your research

Keeping in touch with friends and family is important and especially when you’re away from home. So do your research and talk to your phone provider(s) to get the best deal for you. 

See if you can have the same package and more money in your pocket with our money-saving tips in Save money on your mobile phone and Save money on your home phone and internet.

Slash the cost of your essentials

You can also save money while getting around by car or public transport in the UK. Cut the cost of insurance and get some savvy driving tips as well as making sure you use your Forces discounts for public transport travel with Save money on car and travel costs.

Saving money doesn’t always mean going without the things you want, you can have both if you take a little time and plan ahead. Whether you’re booking a night out, shopping for gadgets, music or even groceries, you can keep the costs down with Smart shopping.

So get MoneyFit now, and then see Save and invest for how to make the most of that extra cash.

Last reviewed: 30/05/2018