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  • 6 Jun 2017

    Budgeting has gone digital!

    The word ‘budget’ can conjure up complicated spreadsheets and fussily keeping a record of every penny you spend. But working out your budget is the only way to get and stay MoneyFit. Forget pen and paper if you’re a digital kind of person. You can start with our online Budget planner where it does the sums for you. You can save it and come back to it later if you’re a registered user.  

  • 9 May 2017

    What happens to your loyalty/reward points on death?

    If you’ve been avidly collecting Nectar, Clubard, Avios, Boots Advantage points and more, you’ve probably got a tidy little sum of ‘money’ building up. But what happens to these when you die? Treat it like real money and make plans for who should have it on your death. It’s Dying Matters week and we’re trying to break the taboo – get talking and planning and get MoneyFit.

  • 25 Apr 2017

    ISAs for everyone

    It seems we’re offered a new ISA (Individual Savings Account) every year and for every eventuality. But which one is right for you and can you have more than one? We explain the different types here and when you might use them.  

  • 4 Apr 2017

    One-stop shop for veterans

    Leaving the Armed Forces can be exciting and exhilarating! No more following orders, you’re your own boss. For most people that’s just what they need to kick-start their new life. But if you find you get into difficulties or don’t know where to find the information you need, that’s where the Veterans’ Gateway comes in.

  • 27 Mar 2017

    Safe mobile banking

    A number of new online ‘challenger’ banks have sprung up vying for your money. Some of them offer quite good interest rates compared with your normal High Street bank, and many of them aim to appeal to modern customers with ‘mobile only’ offerings. But how safe are banking apps and these less well-known challenger banks?

1-5 of 127 articles