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We’ve just had a pretty cold spell and we’ve all turned up the heating or left it on day and night. But did you know that most heat escapes though your walls (35%) and the roof (25%)? So what’s the best way to keep our homes warm and efficient without breaking the bank?


Walls –35% loss - In general, houses built from the 1990s onwards have wall insulation, but if your house is older it may not have any. Whether your house has cavity walls (houses built between 1920-1990) or solid walls (houses built before 1920) there is an insulation option to help cut heat loss.

Roof and loft - 25% loss - Insulating your loft, attic or flat roof is a simple and effective way to reduce heat loss and cut your heating bills. There are many types of loft insulation but the most common is rolls of glass and mineral wool laid between the ceiling joists.

did you know?

Insulating your walls and loft could save you between £190 and £450 a year depending on your home.*

* Energy Saving Trust


Tanks, pipes and radiators – Lagging water tanks and pipes and insulating behind radiators reduces the amount of heat lost – so saves you money.

Take a look at the EnergySaving Trust website for how to insulate your home and approximate costs.

Find out if you’re eligible for a grant or free loft or cavity wall insulation on the MoneySaving Expert’s website.

Windows – 10% loss – It may not seem much, but it’s still costing you money. While double or triple glazing windows can be quite expensive, there are cheaper options, such as secondary glazing, heavier or thermal curtains, blinds shutters. And cheaper still is draught-proof strips or using a sheet of clear plastic film over the window reveal - both will help reduce wasted energy and money.

For more information on energy efficient windows, see the Energy Saving Trust website.

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Contact Carillon Amey for any concerns or take a look at their online Advice & Support Centre

Doors - Replacing a front door with a high-performance thermal door can keep your home warmer and reduce fuel bills but is expensive. Alternatively draught-proofing your front and garden doors is a simple and cheap DIY job.

See Draught proofing on the Energy Saving Trust website.

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