It's time for a MoneyFit summer holiday!

We’re already half way through the year and most of you are about to take a well-earned break. Whether you’ve already booked something or are still thinking about it, use our tips to ensure you have a MoneyFit one!

Booking flights

If you’re a last-minute type of person and yet to book flights, you’ll find that prices are pretty high for summer hotspots. Nevertheless there are still ways to cut the cost – timing is everything.

The best days to fly are Tuesday to Thursday, avoiding the Monday business travellers and the weekend escapers. The time of departure also plays a part – if you can travel between 6pm and midnight you’ll save money!

Check your destination airport – some cheap flights go to smaller, out-of-the way airports which may be a long way from where you really want to go. There’s no point saving money on the flight if you end up paying high taxi fares to get to your accommodation!

Package holidays

All inclusive holidays are popular with young families on a budget who prefer to pay one sum and know that’s all they’ll spend.

Just watch out for the terms of the holiday – all-inclusive and full-board doesn’t mean the same thing. Some will include only certain alcoholic drinks, so find out exactly what’s included so you’re not charged extra!

Your destination

With the value of the pound falling you may wonder where to go to get the most for your money.

A recent Post Office report says that the Algarve is the cheapest destination for eating out and shopping, followed by Bulgaria and the Costa del Sol. The best value long haul holiday destinations are Japan, Cape Town in South Africa and Cancun, Mexico if you fancy going further!

Don’t forget to check if you need a visa – check the entry requirements of the country you’re visiting on

Your money

Make sure you buy your currency before you go and definitely don’t leave it till you get to the airport or ferry. Use MoneySavingExpert’s TravelMoneyMax website to get the best deal.

Think about which cards to take and leave the rest at home – see Money and travelling.

Prepare for emergencies

If you’re travelling in Europe make sure you have a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), though it’s no substitute for travel insurance.

Wherever you’re going , don’t forget or skimp on the travel insurance – here’s what to look out for to get the right policy. 

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