Happy 4th Birthday to us

Birthdays seem to come round faster as you get older – don’t you think! It seems like only yesterday that we launched as the official MOD channel for money advice dedicated to helping UK Service personnel get MoneyFit. In fact, it's four years on 12 March! And in that time, we’re proud to have reached over 450,000 of you. We're really chuffed that more than 75,000 of you have taken control of your finances with our interactive money tools. So, here's what we've been up to in this past year.

Listening to feedback

We’ve updated our Budget Planner to make it easier to track where you are in the process. You’ll now see a running total down the left-hand side. 

Try out our revised MoneyFit Challenge which now reflects changes to Service pension schemes and payday lending. 

Creating new interventions

Working with the MoD, we’ve helped produce Grab Life by the *!%. It’s your life and it’s your money, so don’t be shy about making the most of it. Knowledge is power, so be all powerful and make sure you know what’s due you!

Keeping you informed

If you’ve registered with MoneyForce you’ll get a regular e-newsletter with our latest news articles , in case you don’t have time or the opportunity to visit us online.

Keeping you up to date

Changes to savings, tax, Armed Forces pay or pensions – we’ve got it covered. So if there’s a rumour going around, check out MoneyForce for unbiased information in plain English.

Getting you involved

Recently we asked for volunteers to take part in a special MoneyForce Special Ops team, and were delighted that so many of you contacted us. We’re just finalising the group, but there’s still time to join it – so get it touch.

As we’re so excited about our birthday, we’ve created a special GoalSaver Celebration Planner to help you plan and stay MoneyFit for your next big celebration!

Here’s to another exciting year ahead! Tell your friends and family and that way we can all get MoneyFit with MoneyForce!

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