What happens to your loyalty/reward points on death?

If you’ve been avidly collecting Nectar, Clubard, Avios, Boots Advantage points and more, you’ve probably got a tidy little sum of ‘money’ building up. But what happens to these when you die? Treat it like real money and make plans for who should have it on your death. It’s Dying Matters week and we’re trying to break the taboo – get talking and planning and get MoneyFit.

Easy to pass on

Sainsburys Nectar points can be transferred to another account if evidence is provided.

Tesco Clubcard points can be transferred to a new or existing card member on receipt of a written request.

The Co-op requires a letter written to head office to post a cheque to relatives.

Morrisons’ Match & More scheme, points can be transferred to an executor’s account.

Extra effort needed

Avios points flights scheme can be transferred – but only if a copy of the will and death certificate is provided.

Boots Advantage points and Virgin Atlantic Flying Club ‘miles’ can be bequeathed, but only if mentioned in the deceased’s will.

Marriott (Hotels) rewards can be passed to a legal spouse or common law partner and in some circumstances to friends and family.

For Intercontinental Hotels an executor or beneficiary must request the rewards within a year of the holder’s death.

TopCashback allows members to name a beneficiary in their will or for a loved one to withdraw any funds on presentation of the death certificate.

Die with you

If you’re a member of British Airways Executive Club, coffee retailer Costa’s club or furniture store Ikea’s scheme you should think about spending your points sooner rather than later. This is because BA points cannot be bequeathed, Costa does not allow points to be transferred and Ikea closes accounts once notified of the holder’s death.

Check the terms and conditions of your loyalty schemes. It may be a good idea to leave your usernames and passwords of any loyalty scheme with a loved one or include them in your will. At least then your loved ones can be aware of what accounts you hold and loyalty points left behind, allowing them to decide what to do with them.

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