Christmas Operations

During the festive season thousands of members of the Armed Forces will be spending Christmas on operations overseas away from their families. If your loved one will be far from home, here’s how you can make their Christmas special, so they don’t feel like they’re missing out too much.


Christmas presents

Parcels up to 2kg in weight go free with BFPO to all personnel who are deployed on operations over the Christmas period. Find last posting dates and a list of what to send, and what not to send on the

Christmas messages

You can use the free INtouch service to upload letters, photos and documents, which are then securely printed and sent. This replaced the e-bluey service earlier this year.

You can also send letters using the enduring families free mail service (EFFMS).

Alternatively, give them a surprise with a message via BFBS radio.

Christmas phone calls

Service personnel get an extra 30 minutes of free calls from a couple of days before Christmas to just after the New Year. See WelComE for more information.

Friends want to gift

The BFPO’s main priority is to ensure that letters and parcels from families and friends get through in good time. If friends want to show their support, you can suggest they help in other ways instead, for example, by supporting an existing charity with a donation instead of sending goodwill parcels. These include:

  • uk4u, a charity that provides Christmas boxes full of presents as a gift from the nation to all those serving in the UK Armed Forces overseas away from their families and loved ones on Christmas Day.
  • One of the many other Service charities providing valued support to our Armed Forces - including, of course, The Royal British Legion. For more information and a directory of service charities see the websiite.

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