World Cup 2018

The 2018 World Cup is fast approaching, with national sides making their final preparations ahead of this summer's tournament. The last-minute sales phase starts tomorrow 18 April and runs till 15 July.

If you’re planning to go and support your team, make sure you’re alert to the myriad scams that are doing the rounds. Protect yourself, stay MoneyFit and enjoy the tournament!


Get real tickets

Official match tickets are only available through FIFA’s website, the official source for tickets.

In addition to a real ticket, you’ll need a FAN ID to get into stadiums.

If you buy tickets and decide to re-sell or transfer them to someone else, is the only official website where you can do this.

Stay away from other websites, even if they use logos and trademarks to make them look legitimate or if they say they’re a World Cup partner!

Never pay for tickets or accommodation by bank transfer. Use a credit card, for it’s protection.

If you become a victim of ticket fraud, report it to Action Fraud.

Beware the visa scam

You’ll need a visa to get into Russia.

Because the process is not simple, cyber crooks create fake Russian consulate websites and have the victims send their credit card numbers and personal information via these bogus pages.

Weeks later and you still haven’t got your visa, but your credit card will be charged!

See for entry requirements and how to apply.

You haven’t won a £1mn!

Ignore emails saying you’ve won £1mn courtesy of the Russia 2018 World Cup Organising Committee, Microsoft-Euro Online Lottery Award Team or any other official-sounding name.

The message urges you to contact your fund processing manager to arrange the release of your prize money.

But it’s an advance fee scam which will part you with what little money you might already have.

Take care when you’re there

From being picked up at the airport by someone saying they’re from your hotel, fake free wi-fi that will access your personal details to ‘found your wallet' scams, not to mention the usual pick-pocketing, fake goods sales and ATM scams – be on your guard!

There’s a whole host of scammers out there ready to get their hands on your goods and personal information.

See 37 scams to avoid in Russia during 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Be prepared

Before you go:

  • Make a note of your bank and credit card details and emergency phone numbers.
  • Take out travel insurance and keep their details to hand.
  • Exchange currency before you go or take a prepaid card.
  • Book your travel and hotel through a reputable company, making sure they’re ATOL/ABTA protected.
  • Get a map of the city and familiarise yourself with the areas you’re staying in and visiting.
  • Get a phrase book or download one and try and learn some basic phrases.
  • Be aware of how much alcohol you drink – it’s easy to be a target if you’re visibly drunk.
  • Make a note of where to get emergency help in Russia.

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