Household bills are going up in April. Here’s how to get some of that money back

There’s a good chance many of your bills will go up this month. 

More than 10 million customers will pay more for their energy as of April after all of the Big Six energy firms announced they’ll raise tariffs in line with Ofgem’s price cap. 


Many mobile phone providers, including O2, Three, EE, and Vodafone have announced or are set to announce hikes to customer tariffs in line with the Retail Prices Index of inflation. 

But the good news doesn’t end here. Water bills, council tax, TV License are all going up in April too. Some of the rises won’t seem like much, but put together they can negatively impact your household budget and consumer confidence. 

How to get some of the money back

You can get some of this money back into your account by opening a cashback current account for all your household bills. 

A cashback current account for bills will allow you to pay all your bills via direct debit out of that account. Similar to other cashback deals you get with regular accounts, it means you get a little back for each pound going out. 

The rewards vary from provider to provider, but some promise a return of almost £60 per year after paying bills of around £345 a month. It’s not a lot, but it’s better than nothing, and the bills need to be paid anyway. 

Head over to This Is Money for a breakdown of the best cashback current accounts for your bills.


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