How to save over £200 a year on petrol

As oil companies skin over £2 billion extra a year in profits from motorists, what can you do to get some of that money back? 

UK motorists pay a combined £2 billion a year for petrol on top of what they should be paying given that wholesale petrol is cheaper. 

Wholesale prices have gone down over the past four years, but suppliers did not pass on that saving to motorists according to action group Fair-FuelUK and seen on ThisIsMoney

But motorists can save on petrol by shopping around for the best fuel deals on the market. 

Finding the best value petrol station


Savvy motorists can save an average of £226 on petrol and £158 on diesel every year by finding the cheapest deal when they need to fill up the tank. 

Some of the best deals can be found at supermarkets. Their fuel prices are competitive and sometimes the lowest on the market as they hope the reduced fuel prices will convince motorists to visit their shops too. 

Apps such as PetrolPrices and SimpleMotoring also help motorists find the best deals in their area. Avoiding service stations is guaranteed to save you money because their prices are always high given they have no competition. 

Driving at 80 mph and over can burn up to 25 percent more fuel than driving at 70 mph, according to WhatCar?. 

Air conditioning plays its part as well – if you turn the AC on a lot, expect to pay an extra 10 percent on your fuel bill.


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