New warning over increase in automated scam calls

Consumers have been warned to be even more vigilant for scam calls claiming to be from their bank or credit card company, after a wave of new reports.

The victims subject of these calls have been told there has been “suspicious activity” on their account, and after “verifying” their account with a few button presses, they are put through to an agent – who is a fraudster.

UK finance is reminding consumers of the tell-tale signs of scam calls. Make sure you’re always on the lookout for some of the tricks below:

  • The caller is very insistent and does not give you time to talk to someone else
  • The caller asks you to transfer money to a different account
  • The caller asks for your online banking passwords or 4 digit pin
  • The caller asks you to withdraw money and hand it over for safekeeping
  • The caller will send a courier to your home to collect cash, cards, or cheque books to protect you from fraud

Remember that your bank or the police will never contact you asking for pins or passwords, or demanding that you transfer money to another account.

If you are ever in doubt or feel uncomfortable or pressured during a call, hang up and call your bank or credit card provider on their official number.

Fraudsters may have been able to gather some personal information about you, so don’t take this as proof that they are genuine. Never give out further personal information, and always contact your bank or credit card provider directly if you are in doubt.

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