Energy bill postcode lottery hits Liverpool hardest

Households across the country face an energy bill postcode lottery, it has been revealed. Some cities are paying over £100 a year than others for the same amount of energy per household. 

For example, a family living in a four-bedroom house in Liverpool will pay an average of £2,002 per year on energy on a standard variable tariff from one the of the Big Six suppliers. However, a family in Leeds consuming the same amount of energy from the same supplier will only pay £1,889 a year. 

The data, compiled by Youtility and seen on This is Money, covers all the energy suppliers on the market. Their measuring unit was a family of four in a four-bed house who consume 18,887 kWh of gas and 5,251 kWh of electricity per year. They compared the cost of energy on a standard variable tariff in ten cities around the UK, as well as the cost of the cheapest tariff in each city and the cheapest green tariff. 

Their results showed that Liverpool and Bristol are the most expensive cities for energy, with residents paying an average of £2,000 per year. However, those in Bristol can save up to £618 a year by switching from the default tariff to the cheapest green tariff. 

Around 60 percent of UK households are currently on standard variable tariffs. Families across the country could save an average of £567 by switching to the cheapest deal on the market. 


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