Are Black Friday deals really worth it? A study says not really

Consumer experts at Which? have warned that Black Friday deals aren’t the bargains they’re hyped to be, according to ThisIsMoney.

According to the researchers, almost all products offered during the event last year were on offer for the same price of less in the six months before or after Black Friday. The actual numbers are even more staggering: just one in 20 deals was in fact the cheapest price during the ‘sale’. 

Which? experts labelled the practice ‘Great Black Friday Swindle’ after looking at ‘dozens of offers from Amazon, John Lewis and Currys PC World’. 

Black Friday is imported from the United States and falls on the last Friday in November, after the American holiday of Thanksgiving which takes place a day before. 

According to ThisIsMoney, the event is rarely a success in the UK, as many retailers, especially those that are present on the high street, find themselves pressured into lowering prices or risk missing out on the start of the festive shopping spree.

An expert at Which? said: ‘We have repeatedly shown that deals touted by retailers on Black Friday are not as good as they seem. Time-limited sales can be a good opportunity to bag a bargain, but don’t fall for the pressure tactics around Black Friday. Our investigation indicates that this popular shopping event is all hype and there are few genuine discounts.’ 

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