Get MoneyFit with our range of tools and planners - quick and easy ways to manage your money.


Are you saving up for a special occasion - a holiday? A big celebration or party? Maybe you want to start saving early for next Christmas? Whatever you're saving for, there's a GoalSaver for you:


  • MoneyFit Challenge

    Find out how MoneyFit you really are with these five key modules – Budgeting, Debt, Savings, Planning and Protection. You’ll get a personalised Action Plan at the end of each module to help you keep MoneyFit.

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  • HomeFinder

    Renting vs Buying? This tool shows you the average cost of both around the UK so you can decide. It will also tell you how likely you are to get a mortgage based on your savings, income and buying costs, as well as how you can improve your situation.

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  • GoalSaver

    We all know that it’s much easier to save when you have a goal in mind. This tool will show you how quickly you’re likely to reach your goal, or how much your money would grow if you saved a fixed amount on a regular basis.

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  • Budget Planner

    We all know that the key to getting MoneyFit is by doing a budget. This tool will do the sums for you, so take the time to get your paperwork together and input the figures. Half an hour of your time could see you taking control of your finances in no time.

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  • CarBuyer

    The initial outlay is not the only thing you need to think of when buying a car. This calculator will make you think about all the other costs and give you an idea of whether you can afford to run a car.

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  • Credit Card Calculator

    Most of us use credit or store cards – buy now and pay later! But don’t leave it too late. Reducing your card debt is one of the fastest ways to get MoneyFit. This calculator shows you how much it’s costing you based on your current payments and how you can reduce the balance quicker.

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