Budget planner

The key to getting MoneyFit is doing a budget. A budget is the first step to taking control of your money and your life.

Our planner prompts you to include everything you spend during the year AND prompts you to put aside enough money each month to cover all your current and future spending commitments.

Using the planner will stop you going short and make sure you're MoneyFit!


Money coming in


Include all your income, your partner's income and any benefits. Put in the amount you actually receive into your bank account after all deductions.

Total monthly income



These are fixed amounts like rent, loan repayment or car insurance


Include everything you know that you are committed to spending this year. Don't forget things that only come up once or twice a year like Car Tax, subscriptions and memberships. Don't include things that have already been deducted from your salary.

Total commitments (monthly)



Money for shopping, transport or treats



Money for that big purchase or special occasion


If you have paid off your debts you should start saving for the things you want. Set yourself a savings goal, start saving and watch your money grow!

Total monthly savings


Your results

See how you're doing


  • Total monthly income £0.00
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  • Total monthly outgoings
    (includes savings)
  • =

See how much you spend and save each month and compare it to your income. Do you know how much of your earnings you have already spent before you receive it? Where does all your money go? Check your results, take some action and get MoneyFit!