Going on deployment is a stressful time.

You will be briefed before you go and when you come back but there are lots of things to think about that you may not have considered.

There are also financial considerations as you will receive your deployment allowance as a lump sum on completion of your tour.

Get ready

In this section you can find information on getting your finances in order before you leave, including dealing with creditors.  We've got information on what facilities to expect while you’re out there, so it won't be too much of a surprise.

We give you advice on how to give someone else control over your affairs while you’re away as well as setting up powers of attorney to make sure that your finances and care are looked after should an injury leave you incapable of managing on your own - see Before you go.

Then when you get back you'll have to readjust and sort out all sorts of things, including your budget. 

So keep MoneyFit - wherever you are - with MoneyForce.