Financial Retention Incentive

From time to time the MOD may introduce a financial retention incentive to encourage staff to stay in specific specialisations. Find out when this might be by reading JSP754, Part 2, Chapter 6, Section 1 (on the internal Intranet).

When might you get a Financial Retention Incentive

If there is a critical manpower shortage in key groups, the MOD may introduce a Financial Retention Incentive (FRI).

You will be informed if your particular specialisation is identified as an Operational Pinch Point and eligible for FRI.

In return for receiving an FRI you will have to complete a specified Return of Service, which means you will not be allowed to leave the Service for a specified period. If you don't complete the required RoS you will normally be required to repay the FRI (JSP 754 Part 2 Chapter 6 Section 1, 06.0131 refers).

Bear in mind that you will pay tax and National Insurance on your FRI. Payments such as these therefore contribute towards your taxable earnings and could potentially push you over the eligibility threshold for claiming benefits and tax credits.

Stay MoneyFit

Remember, if you get an FRI it’s usually a good time to revisit your budget and see how you can make that extra money work for you. Stay MoneyFit and Get your finances in order.

FRIs can be stopped quite quickly, so don't count on getting one or make financial commitments based on it being paid. Wait till you have actually received it before planning to spend it.

Last reviewed: 19/09/2017