Recruitment and retention payments

If you have certain specialist skills and are doing a job where those skills are needed, you will be recognised for this with Recruitment and retention payments (RRP). Find out what those skills are and which jobs need them.

But bear in mind that it’s not a permanent boost to your salary, so use it wisely.

Are you eligible?

To be eligible for Recruitment and retention payments(RRP) you need to meet BOTH the following criteria:

  • You hold certain specialist skills as set out in Part 2 Chapter 5 of JSP 754 and you hold a post where your specialism is required, for example

o Diver
o Aircrew
o Explosive ordinance disposal operator
o Parachutist

The current Recruitment and retention payment rates are published with the annual pay tables. 

Money fitness tip

Don’t rely on your Recruitment and retention payments in case they are reduced or withdrawn. Treat them as a bonus and think about whether you could use the extra cash to pay off any debts, start saving, or increase your savings.

What else

 you need to know

You should also be aware of the following:

  • RRP rates can both increase and decrease
  • RRP can be withdrawn if you change jobs or your skills are no longer needed 
  • New forms of RRP can be introduced subject to the requirements of the Services
  • If the RRP is to be reduced or withdrawn every attempt will be made to give 12 months notice to all affected recipients
  • You will have to pay Income Tax and National Insurance, on your RRP  
  • These payments contribute towards your taxable earnings and could potentially push you over the eligibility threshold for claiming benefits and tax credits.
  • RRP is not pensionable

Stay MoneyFit

Whenever your circumstances change (for example, you get more or less income, start or end a relationship, or change your living arangements), it's always a good time to do or review your budget.

Use our Budget planner and always stay ahead of the game.


Last reviewed: 19/09/2017