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  • 24 Jul 2018

    Shared Ownership can help you get back on Civvy Street

    Upon leaving Service, you will no doubt be considering the way forward to returning to life on Civvy Street. One of the biggest issues you may face is buying a property and having somewhere to call home. It’s a sad statistic that only 33 percent of former Army personnel own a home, compared to the Royal Navy's 59 percent, RAF's 55 percent and 46 percent of ex-Royal Marines.  

  • 18 Jul 2018

    Cut your petrol prices and increase fuel efficiency to save on travel

    Getting out and about can be expensive, especially if you prefer to drive. Still, the freedom and flexibility of a car can be a lifeline, especially in these sunny summer months when the family can pile in for a trip to the seaside. If you find yourself filling up the tank more often than you would like, make sure you’re doing everything you can to save money when you do. Check out our tips for ways to bring those fuel prices down, or increase your efficiency so you’re at the pumps less often .

  • 26 Jun 2018

    Switching energy provider could make you MoneyFit

    You may have noticed that most of the energy providers (big and small) have hiked up their prices recently. They’re probably betting that with the current heatwave you won’t have noticed! If you haven’t switched your energy provider in the last three years, it may be time to review your situation. You may be able to save hundreds of pounds by switching. So if you want to get a better plan before the winter, here are some tips to help you stay MoneyFit.

  • 12 Jun 2018

    Get your children MoneyFit

    The way we pay for things has changed so much since our childhoods that explaining to a child how money works can be confusing to them. They see you pay by card at the supermarket, put your card in the ATM and out comes cash – easy peasy! But they need to learn that it’s not a bottomless stash of cash. Research suggests that money habits are picked up from as early as age five to seven, so it’s crucial that your children understand money, so they’ll be MoneyFit later on.  

  • 30 May 2018

    Boost your savings income

    If you’re already hooked on regular saving and want to try to boost your income, we’ve got some tips to make your money work harder. From switching current accounts to dabbling in investments, we’ve got the tips for you.  

1-5 of 124 articles